(moisturizing and firming)

How is the benefit of fresh Thai silk?

The key ingredient is high-quality protein. Up to 18 amino acids provide nutrients to collagen and elastin cells, which are proteins that support the skin to be firm and flexible. Make the wrinkles decrease.
There are substances that have antioxidant properties. If a number of free radicals at the skin are less The skin is safe from being destroyed. It also reduces the number of toxins that remain in the cells. When the skin is strong. Skin is strong
Antibacterial and antiviral. Reduces inflammation of the cells and reduces the number of germs on the skin. The wound heals quickly. Reduce acne inflammation. Healthy skin
Silk protein absorbs moisture into skin cells. Makes the skin smooth immediately. Skin cells that are well hydrated, in addition to being firm and strong, as well.
All these important things. In large quantities compared to other silk powders.
The particles of Thai silk powder are so small that they can be absorbed into the skin. The benefits of complete skin care.
The silk powder of the soap house is fresh silk powder. It is stored in a fully-open vacuum bag. No synthetic chemicals and additives. It is the most effective and secure.


Who is should use the cocoon soap?

Those over 25: collagen and elastin formation begin to slow down, skin cells begin to have more toxic residues, skin cells begin to wear off.
Regular sunblock: UVA and UVB rays destroy collagen & elastin and cause degradation of cells faster than normal. It needs a lot of restoration.
People who have stressed is easy: stress causes cell deterioration. Skin cells are the same, so if you are stressed. The skin needs extra care.
People who are acne-prone: Silk powder has antibacterial and anti-viral. Reduces inflammation of the cells and reduces the number of germs on the skin. The wound heals quickly. Reduce acne inflammation. Healthy skin
People with Acne Scars: Good quality protein in silk powder helps in skin repair.


Ingredients:    Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Castor Oil,  Shea Butter, Grape Seed Oil, Sodium Lactate, Vitamin E, Silk Protein, Honey, Aqua and Sodium Hydroxide.

Use to cleanse the face and body. By rubbing the soap gently into a bubble, then use a soap bubble. Apply over the face and body. Leave for a moment then washed with clean water. You will feel that the skin is clean and smooth from first touching. Using regularly, it will help keep skin smooth and clear. Repeat  2 times for the skin to leave it for 1-2 minutes, then washed.
How to maintain: 
After bathing keeps soap in a dry soap dish, not in hot weather, do not leave the soap in soaked, the soap will wear out quite quickly.
Natural soaps, colors, and scents may vary slightly from day to day, but the benefits remain the same.

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