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(Acne prevention and chemical extraction)

Charcoal Soap

The bamboo charcoal we used. The charcoal is a process through the burning of heat requiring more than 1000 degrees, it makes bamboo charcoal better than the charcoal from another wood.


Bamboo charcoal has a smaller niche than other charcoal and scattered throughout the direction. These small holes absorb moisture, protect against electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic waves and radiation scattered around them. Bamboo charcoal removes negative ions and long infrared rays from the body, which makes the body work effectively. Resulting in better health

Negative effects on the negative body can change the free radicals into Oxygen by getting into the radicals. If this reaction occurs within our body, it will increase Oxygen within the body. The brain is clear. The system of blood circulation in the body better. The body will be able to drive the residue out easier. Will produce good results Bamboo charcoal is also used to make beauty cosmetics and mixed soap making to nourish the skin. Scrubs and absorbs dead skin cells from the pores.


Ingredients: Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Castor Oil,  Shea Butter, Grape Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Active carbon, Tamarind Extract, Honey, Orange Oil, Aqua, and Sodium Hydroxide.


                    - Deeply cleanses the skin.

                    - Reduce it with facial balance.

                    - Removing old sill gently.

                     - absorbs residue on the face. It helps reduce acne.

                    - Helps the skin get more oxygen. It makes the skin smooth, soft and clean.

                - No chemical bubble powder or bleach that is harmful to the skin.

                - children and pregnant women available

Use to cleanse the face and body. By rubbing the soap gently into a bubble, then use a soap bubble. Apply over the face and body. Leave for a moment then washed with clean water. You will feel that the skin is clean and smooth from first touching. Using regularly, it will help keep skin smooth and clear. Repeat  2 times for the skin to leave it for 1-2 minutes, then washed.
How to maintain: 
After bathing keeps soap in a dry soap dish, not in hot weather, do not leave the soap in soaked, the soap will wear out quite quickly.
Natural soaps, colors, and scents may vary slightly from day to day, but the benefits remain the same.

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