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Writing Business Letters

A business letter is different from a letter you write to your family, friends.

It looks more seriously and we have to focus only the subject.

The reasons to write business letter:-

* When you need information

* When you have a problem with something you ordered.

* When you have a problem with the situation in your business.

Anyways, any type of business letter you write you should follow the guideline

this given. If you write it right will bring better results to your business.

There are 3 types of business letters described below

* The letter of request

* The letter of complaint

* The letter to an editor or official.

Letter of request

- Explain the reason why you write

- Ask any question you have

- Describe what you would like to receive from they and when would you like

- Thank to their help

Letter of complaint

- Describe the product.

- Describe the problem and possible causes.

- Describe how you have tried to resolve the problem.

- End with what you would like them to do.

Letter to an Editor or official

- Describe the situation.

- Tell what do you think about that situation and give the idea to improvement.

- End by asking the situation be changed

The part of a business letter

Heading: This part includes the sender's address and date place at the left hand margin.

Inside Address: This part includes the name and address of the receiver


It is a greeting or the way to saying hello if you know the receiver 's name write:

Dear Mr.Michael : (use the : at the end)

if you don't know the receiver's name write:

  • Dear Sir or Madam:

  • Greetings:


Is the important part of the letter, write information brief and simple and clearly

understands what you write for.


use " you Sincerely" "Yours truly" for a business letter closing.


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