Tiger Kingdom

After Lanna dinner style (Khan Tok Dinner) will be enjoyed with show 

Chiang Mai's premier attraction for experiencing traditional Lanna Thai culture.

The home of the first and original Khantoke


Traditional Lanna Thai dancing
Muay Thai boxing
Hill Tribe shows
Muay Boran boxing exhibition
Traditional Thai music
Traditional Thai instruments
Exhibitions of Lanna culture



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P.P.S.World Tour ( The former name was Prapatsorn Tour and Travel)

P.P.S.Wold Tour with the 4th  years of the standard tour award.  Our company established from travel agency since the first start and later after 5 years we added the service line to wholesale the handicraft product but, we still keep our tour agency service for the second business of our business until now for 16 years of our business.  










Chiang Mai Tour Programs.

We have many programs of tour packages to serve you. All of our tour packages are a private tour. Please choosing lists from below.



PSH1.  Half Day Tour 1 

Sankampaeng home Industrial , Borsang Umbrella Village

Half day (08.30 AM. - 12.30 PM. / 01.30 PM. - 05.00 PM. )

Tour Details

Visit Home Industries on both sides along Sankampaeng Road. Seeing The factories manufacture and sell various types of handicrafts such as Lacquerware, Silverware, Silk, Celadon, Teak-wood carving. After that we go to visit BorSang village where is famous in made cotton umbrellas and paper parasols hand painted in a wide varieties of floral and animals designs.



















PSH2. Half Day Tour 2


Doi Suthep , PhuPing Palace

Halfday (08.30 AM. - 12.30 PM. / 01.30 PM. - 05.00 PM. ) 


Tour Details

Visit one of the land mark and sacred temple of Chiangmai -Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep,

Located on mountaintop in Northern-Thai style and containing holy relic of Lord Buddha and enjoy seeing panoramic view of the whole city. Then visit Phu-Ping Palace, the majesties, winter palace, and see the delightful gardens.

[ Only the day that they open ]












PSH3. Half Day Tour 3

Doi Suthep , Meo Hilltribe Village

Halfday (08.30 AM. - 12.30 PM. / 01.30 PM. - 05.00 PM. )


Stairway to Temple Meo Hilltribe 

Tour Details


Visit the village of  Meo hill tribe set in at attractive visit hillside spot and

see the Meo tribesmen dressed in their colorful traditional costumes the tour also

takes in Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep 3,520 Feet above sea level, The magnificent

Stairway leading to the temple, the pagoda style temple and bird's eye view of

Chiang mai.
















PSH4.  Half Day Tour 4


City Area , Sacred Temple , ChiangMai Art & Culture Center

Halfday (08.30 AM. - 12.30 PM. / 01.30 PM. - 05.00 PM. ) Admission fee include


 Tour Details


Center of ChiangMai Chedit Lung Temple

Drive through the original castle of Lana kingdom, was built in 1296 AD, It's surrounded by the wall and the moat. Visit famous temples in Chiang Mai

such as Wat Suandok ,Wat Prasing ,Wat Chedit Luang and

ChiangMai Art & Culture Center










PSH5.Mae Ping River Cruise (Half Day Tour 5)

Halfday (08.30 AM. - 12.30 PM. / 01.30 PM. - 05.00 PM. )  


Tour Details


The river cruise along the Ping River by Long Trail Boat, you will enjoy with beautiful scenery of the both side of the river visit Thai house and orchard and taste some tropical fruits , soft drink. Take time about 3 hrs.











PSH 6.Dinner Cruise

Evening ( 07.30 PM. - 09.30 PM. )



Tour Details


Dinner Cruise

In the evening we will travel along the Ping river past beautiful scenery that is the heart of Chiangmai. See the sun set or visit a local Thai house for a traditional dinner with soft music before heading back to the port at chiangmai.


PSH7.KhanTok Dinner and Hill tribe Show

Evening ( 07.30 PM. - 09.30 PM. )  


    Tour Details


Old ChiangMai Culture with  Thai Dance 


Visit The Old Chiang Mai Culture Center, where they organize an outstanding northern Thai banquet and cultural show. You will enjoy your meal with Northern Folk Dances and various Hill tribes Shows.


PSH8 Khan Tok Dinner and varieties show

Evening ( 07.30 PM. - 09.30 PM. )  



Visit The Khum Khan Tok where is showing varieties Thai cultures dance and enjoy meal




Explore to The north of Thailand

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